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Cannabis Sativa is neither a bad thing nor a drug. It is a powerful plant. A plant that has many names and species or varieties. One such specie of Cannabis is Marijuana's ‘cousin' Hemp.

Hemp is said to be the ‘male' counterpart, producing little or no THC, the psychoactive Cannabinoid.

Hemp has potential to make thousands of products, upwards of 25,000 apparently, from nutritional supplements to building materials. It is time for widespread  Hemp cultivation and production.

We recognize the power and potential Hemp has towards real sustainable development and economy. And so we embark on this Mission to Free Up The Hemp.

Free Up The Hemp is an ongoing public service campaign to educate about the [re]emerging agricultural Hemp industry.

In this critical global climate, transition to paths of real and practical Sustainability is imperative. We visualize a Hemp economy as one such ideal path, confident that it can greatly contribute to strong nation building.

Free Up The Hemp

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Is the new Cannabis Industry only about financial gains? Is it only about the millions upon millions, going on billions, of dollars, that are already being made, even at this early stage of legal Marijuana? Is it just about the projected - and projected to be even bigger - next billion dollar industry that will be Industrial Hemp? Without a doubt, the double-headed American ‘green rush' - Marijuana and Hemp - is shaping up to be massive. But what kind of Cannabis Industry are we building?

This post was inspired to be written by the following words of Steve DeAngelo, author of ‘The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm For Wellness.' He advises that we should aim higher and shape a new KIND of industry:

“...what we need to build is not just a new industry, but a new kind of industry; an industry that embraces diversity, because we know it's a strength; an industry that is a responsible steward of the environment, because we know that all of our survival and the survival of our children depends on it; and organizations that reach out to the community and really engage with them, because we understand that the bottom line is not just the bottom line for us and shareholders, it is a bottom line that must be returned to everybody that we engage with; that's the kind of industry that we need to build. And I look at organizations like Women Grow and the Minority Cannabis Business Association; I see organizations like that coming up, and that's what  excites me most, is the idea that we are gonna reflect the values that this plant teaches us, in the kind of business that we build."
[Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vNLlwCfRR_o]

Mr DeAngelo is founder and CEO of Harborside Health Center and co-founder and President of The ArcView Group.

It's no surprise that there are those who perhaps at one point in recent history, wanted nothing to do with Cannabis or Marijuana or Ganja, that are now positioned or positioning to gain enormous monetary gains from it. While there are those whom have been persecuted for Cannabis. And while there are those that have been racially targeted by The Drug War. The numbers out there show that Africans or Blacks have been disproportionately incarcerated, compared to other groups.
That Cannabis is not even a Drug is another story.

The impoverished and sick must have access to the healing benefits of Medical Marijuana; and they should receive it by any means necessary. Marginalized groups should also be economically empowered by and with business in legal Cannabis. The Black farmer's land aught to also grow Agricultural Industrial Hemp. And young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in society should be encouraged and strengthened to venture into the Cannabis space, as legalization is implemented in more and more states.

There's global consensus for Cannabis, and after all, it was created for the people. And so all the planet's people aught to prosper from its fruits, not just a few.

So, what KIND of Cannabis Industry are we building?

Richard Highah Seekah Harvey
Free Up The Hemp
<![CDATA[“Free Up The Hemp" On Marijuana Straight Talk Pilot 2]]>Mon, 03 Aug 2015 21:12:35 GMThttp://freeupthehemp.weebly.com/blog/free-up-the-hemp-on-marijuana-straight-talk-pilot-2“Free Up The Hemp" was featured in #Marijuana Straight Talk Pilot 2. Get ready for Pilot 3! Thank you Marijuana Straight Talk and Free Speech TV!
Watch it: https://youtu.be/jpBX433LTqc

<![CDATA[Industrial Hemp Farming Act Of 2015]]>Mon, 03 Aug 2015 08:01:31 GMThttp://freeupthehemp.weebly.com/blog/industrial-hemp-farming-act-of-2015Full Hemp Agriculture could begin this year.

Now that is like music to our ears!

The environment would rejoice. The bees would feel that much more secure.

Track the federal level Hemp Bill at

#FreeUpTheHemp #TrackTheHempBill #IndustrialHempFarmingAct
<![CDATA[“Free Up The Hemp" Growth Spurts]]>Wed, 20 May 2015 00:22:15 GMThttp://freeupthehemp.weebly.com/blog/free-up-the-hemp-growth-spurtsA music video for the song “Free Up The Hemp" will be featured on the new TV show Marijuana Straight Talk, during the 30-minute show’s Artistic Say segment. The first of its kind, now on the heels of its April 2015 launch, the highly anticipated new program will share Highah Seekah’s ode about #hemp and the #cannabis plant on the 2nd pilot/episode. With its fast-paced, riveting combinations of in-depth interviews, news features, commentaries and fascinating historical facts, see  Marijuana Straight Talk on  Free Speech TV network via DirecTV, DishNetwork and Roku streaming player.

The [second episode] pilot will begin running at 4:30pm ET, Thursday May 21, 2015 and Thursday May 28, also at 4:30 ET. In addition, weekend air-time, Saturday May 30 at 4:30pm ET and Sunday May 31, 2015 at 6pm ET. The weekend air-times will include episode one and two, back-to-back.

Marijuana Straight Talk is broadcasted on Free Speech TV network via DISH Network channel 9415 and DirectTV channel 348. The show can also be seen with ROKU’s streaming media player and at www.freespeech.org.

You can watch the first episode of Marijuana Straight Talk on-demand at http://www.freespeech.org/marijuanastraighttalk

Mission Free up The Hemp

The mission is to educate about and partake in the developing agricultural/industrial hemp economy - sustainability’s reemerging ‘super-plant’ and potential champion of ‘the green revolution.’

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<![CDATA[Mission Free Up The Hemp Blog]]>Tue, 19 May 2015 21:44:32 GMThttp://freeupthehemp.weebly.com/blog/mission-free-up-the-hemp-blog-launchToday we launch the Mission Free Up The Hemp blog. The blog will also function as the current #Cannabis / #Hemp news section of http://freeupthehemp.com.

Mission Free Up The Hemp
The mission is to educate about and partake in the developing agricultural/industrial hemp economy - sustainability's reemerging ‘super-plant.']]>